Contact Installation Instructions

Crimping Contacts
1. Select the appropriate crimp tool and ensure that the proper crimp head positioner is used.

2. Cycle the tool to be sure the indentors are open.

3. Determine the correct selector setting for the wire size from the data plate on the positioner (turret head assembly) and set the selector knob on the crimp tool
to match.

4. Place the contact, mating end first, into the tool.

5. Insert the stripped wire into the hollow end of the contact. Be sure the wire is inserted as far as it will go.

6. Close the tool completely to crimp. Unless the tool is closed completely, the tool will not release the contact.

7. Remove the crimped contact from the tool. Check the inspection hole to verify that the wire is fully inserted.

Insertion of Contacts
1. Before inserting the contacts, unscrew the accessories (clamps, backshells or adapters) from rear of plug or receptacle. Slide the hardware over the wire bundle in the proper order for reassembly after all the contacts are inserted.

2. To assist insertion of contacts, lubricate insulator (grommet) cavities with isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol will evaporate and will not leave a conductive film.
Caution: Never use any lubricant other than isopropyl alcohol.

3. Place the correct insertion tool on the contact so that the wire runs along the groove in the tool. (Tool tip will butt against the shoulder.) Hold the plug or receptacle body firmly.

4. Beginning with a center cavity, insert the contact into the insulator with a slow, even pressure until the contact snaps into position.Make sure the contact and tool are held perpendicular to the face of the insert during the contact installation or the grommet could be damaged.

4.1 If contacts are not inserted all the way prior to removing insertion tool, do not try to reinsert the insertion tool. Instead, remove the contact and try again; otherwise reinserting the insertion tool may damage the inside of the contact cavity.

5. Remove tool and check the face of the connector for proper contact installation. Proper installation may also be checked by pulling back lightly on the wire to make
sure the contact is properly seated.

After all the cavities have been filled, slide the hardware back into position on the connector and tighten.

Extraction of Contacts (Rework)
1. Slide the hardware back over the wire bundle.

2. Select the appropriate tool. Place the wire into the extraction tool of the pin or socket.

3. Slowly slide the extraction tool down wire into the contact cavities until the tool tip bottoms against the contact shoulder, expanding the clip retaining tines. Hold
the wire firmly in the tool and pull the wired contact and tool straight out of the rear of the insulator.

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