Features and Application

MIL-DTL-26500 family offers connectors with bayonet coupling as well as threaded coupling. These connectors are intermateable with correspondingly coupled MIL-DTL-83723 Series III connectors (except shell size 8, threaded coupling only).

AE66 connectors are widely used on commercial, military and aerospace systems requiring general-purpose, miniature cylindrical bayonet or threaded coupling connectors.

This family (bayonet as well as threaded) of connectors is offered in wall mount receptacles, jam nut mounted receptacles which incorporate O’ring seals, designed for rear panel “D” hole mounting, and straight plugs.

Twenty-one insert arrangements per MIL-STD-1554 are tooled and qualified to MIL-DTL-26500, utilizing 3 to 57 M39029 contacts. Contacts come in sizes 20, 16 and 12, terminating wire sizes from 24 to 12 gauge.

These connectors are only available in aluminum shells with anodic plating to the MS number. In addition, we offer connectors with passivated stainless steel shells to commercial callouts only.


Insert Polarization
Alternate insert positions documented in the original specification, positions 1 through 5, are still available (except in shell size 8), but are not approved for new design. These alternate insert clocking positions aid in mating of adjacent connectors having identical insert arrangement.

Shell Polarization – Alternate key/keyway positions prevent cross mating of adjacent connectors having same insert arrangement.

Connector Sealing – A pressure seal at the connector interface is accomplished through the aid of a coupling device which compresses the front resilient insulators and thus offers a seal around each contact preventing the passage of moisture through the contact cavity. Rear resilient insulators are designed with a triple wire seal in each cavity to offer positive sealing and prevent wicking of moisture through the connector without the use of external clamping devices or adapters. In addition, a dynamic O’ring seal in the receptacles engages the front of the plug shell when connectors are mated and offers yet another barrier to moisture and contaminants.

Superior Contact Stability - Front release crimp contact system features a beryllium-copper retaining clip completely encased in a tough dielectric wafer, thus protecting the clip tines from damage.

Closed Entry Socket Contacts
Closed-entry socket contacts facilitate positive mating.